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Professional therapy for personal healing. 

     AD Counselling and Wellness, counselling, therapy and healing, 

     providing affordable, accessible professional support, Newtownabbey, Belfast, Co. Antrim & surrounding areas.



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Theraputic Techniques & Meditations

Posted on 3 May, 2020 at 14:20 Comments comments (2386)

To access regualr theraputic techniques, journalling exercises, selfcare suggestions, mediatons and breathing excercises please follow my facebook page as this is updated weekly with tips and techniques. Thank you. 

Ashleigh's Beach

Posted on 3 May, 2020 at 14:05 Comments comments (7474)

A poetic piece penned by an incredibly talented client, a beautiful potrayal of their process.  This poem has since been published! I am extremley proud of this client.

(Shared with full permisson)

d c

Managing Wellbeing

Posted on 27 March, 2020 at 6:50 Comments comments (46415)

Infectious disease outbreaks, like the current Coronavirus (Covid 19), can be a scary and uncertain time for everyone, this can have an adverse effect on our mental health. During times like this please remember it is natural to feel worried and express concern. While it is important to stay informed, there are also many things we can do to support and manage our mental wellbeing during such times. Here are some tips I hope may to look after your mental health at a time when there is much d...

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Before You

Posted on 12 January, 2020 at 3:35 Comments comments (1540)
"AN OPEN LETTER FROM A CLIENT AND THEIR EXPEREINCE OF THE THERAPUTIC PROCESS" Before you I had seen 4 different therapists throughout different stages of my life, then I found you. I hated going to therapy, making every excuse not to go, if I did get there I hid myself. Telling the others what they wanted to hear, I figured I would get out of there sooner if we ticked all the boxes, that's what I felt I was to them, a tick box. They would ask me questions, I wouldn't engage. Respondi... Read Full Post »

Coping with Greif

Posted on 5 December, 2019 at 15:10 Comments comments (2401)
Grief is love. A reluctance to let go. Grief is the last act of love we give to those who have passed. Coping with the loss of someone or something you love is one of life's biggest challenges. Often, the pain of loss can feel too much. Overwhelming. Causing a huge amount of emotional distress. Shock, anger, depression, confusion - to name just a few. (Elizabeth Kubler Ross created a helpful formula covering the stages of grief, however it is important to remember there is no righ... Read Full Post »

Sobriety �?? What can it do for me? I still want to go on the sesh

Posted on 1 December, 2019 at 9:55 Comments comments (1425)
POST WRITTEN BY AN EXTREMELY TALENTED CLIENT (SHARED WITH FULL PERMISSION). ENTAILING THEIR JOURNEY TO SOBRIETY - FABULOUS INSIGHT DOWN A PATH MANY OF US HAVE CONSIDERED. SUPER PROUD #Sobriety. Ah. I've considered writing this blog on and off for a while. I've mainly been putting it off because writing it and posting it publicly feels quite vulnerable. My journey with sobriety has so far been quite private, but I think that's probably been for the wrong reasons. Main reason: I didnt wan... Read Full Post »

Don't believe everything you think

Posted on 9 September, 2019 at 4:15 Comments comments (724)
Anxiety is a word we hear often, it is a feeling we experience regularly, with many struggling with it daily. Anxiety can be overwhelming, limiting and extremely damaging to our confidence, a manifesting monster that begins small GROWING & GROWNIG until eventually that monster is part of us, living our life, stealing our voice, interrupting our days, a huge PAIN IN THE ASS. If anxiety is following you around, you don't have to live with it. You wouldn't hang out with an extremely annoying p... Read Full Post »


Posted on 28 December, 2016 at 7:45 Comments comments (16943)


With 2017 upon us many people are setting goals in order to embark on the New Year with a fresh mindset. If you are among those who set resolutions for self improvement please consider carefully if these resolutions will be beneficial to your physical, emotional health and general well being. Set yourself goals, task & treats to fulfil your year but remember to be realistic, here's some tips on making those New Year's resolutions stick

Start Small. Make simple reso...

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Tis the season to be Jolly??

Posted on Comments comments (8920)

Christmas is said to be the "most wonderful time of the year" filled with with "magical moments" and "joy"...

Unfortunately Christmas can also be a stressful, depressing and for those missing loved ones or reflecting on a difficult year an extremely sad time. We set ourselves unrealistic exceptations on how things should be at Christmas time usually based on what we see onTV or the small glimpses of merriment people choose to share with us on social media, therefore it is important to k...

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